Silicon-Gel Bike Seat Cover

$11.99 $19.99

A Silicon-Gel Bike Seat Cover:"No More Saddle-Soreness!"

"Turn Hard Saddle into Soft, Spongy, & Squishy saddle!

Enjoy longer & comfortable ride with FattySaddle...
A unique, thick Bike Seat Cover filled with Silicone Gel & Memory Foam.

With extra padding for maximum comfort, no saddle-soreness anymore! 
Protect your hips-back and cycle as your heart content.

✅ Enjoy Longer ride & Maximum Comfort while cycling.
✅ Spongy & Squishy.
✅ Zero Saddle-Soreness.
✅ Double Inner Filling (Silicon Gel + Memory Foam).

✅ Anti-skid.
✅ Water & Dust resistant.
✅ Breathable Design.
✅ Very easy to put on & adjust.
✅ Universal Dimension (11x 7 inch).

"No More Saddle-Soreness!
Enjoy long-comfortable cycling!"

We are bike enthusiasts. We love to cycle.
But the uncomfortable saddle sores... Hold us to cycle far & reduce our joy of cycling.
Not any more!

Enjoy longer rides with FattySaddle: the Silicone Gel + Memory Foam Bicycle Seat Cover!

With extra padding combining aerodynamics and being full of breather hole design...
 It helps to accelerate air circulation, heat dissipation, and make users more comfortable.

It is easy to adjust, fits on any bike with a narrow saddle such as road bike, mountain bike, and more.
Its weatherproof material ensures the best performance no matter what.

You can ride with confidence that your seat will remain firmly in place even during fast riding and bumpy trails, including the toughest of terrain.

Protect your hips and ride comfortably anywhere as your heart content!
Get it now!


  • Size: 11.02" x 6.69" x 0.2"
  • Category: Front Seat Saddle
  • Shell Material: Silicon Gel + Memory Foam + Lycra
  • Net Weight: 55g

Inside the box:
1x FattySaddle, Silicone-Gel + Memory Foam Bike Seat Cover

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